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Find danish martial arts websites where you can read a lot more about fighting in a ring with rules.

Amanogawa Fighting & Fitness

Amanogawa Fighting & Fitness

Based on the old ways of the samurai - bushido - we have created a modern form of self-defence called Amanogawa Ryu.
We have taken the best from karate, ju-jitsu, kung-fu and iaido and turned it into a complete system that enables you to handle situations you might encounter on the streets..
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Denmark - Everything in martial arts equipment! - Everything in martial arts equipment!

Practitioners of martial arts need for quality martial arts equipment to reduce injuries in head, arms, back and legs.

At Budo Sport ApS, we have the most reliable equipment and clothing that you can trust. We carry protective equipment for all body parts.

For example, we have protective kit for your limbs, whatever you martial arts exercises..
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